What’s The Rockbrat Listening To Today: Jeff Dahl – Wicked

Jeff Dahl: Wicked (1992)

This is such a cool album. Have been a Dahl fanataic for years now and when I listen to album’s like Wicked, I can see why I first dug this cat. I can distinctly remember my brother cranking his turntable and saying “listen to this” – and he played me ‘Lisa’s World’ – very loud ! Those first power chords hit me in the face and I was instanly won over. ‘Look At You’ is another gem, with a nice quiet intro which thumps straight into the loud stuff via a customary Dahl “whoa” shout ! Other highlights ? ‘The Face of An Angel’, ‘Radio Baylon’, ‘The Moon Upstars’ and the raucous ‘Arizona’ are all killer cuts from a guy who shoulda had greater success. I crank this album in 2009 and it sounds just as fresh and raw as when it was released. I believe Jeff has left behind the blazing Arizona sun and is now in his native Hawaii. Jeff Dahl has the Rockbrat seal of approval my friends. His back catalogue is vast and rich. Do not download music illegally – it is killing rock n roll. Get Jeff’s tunes from itunes http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/jeff-dahl/id62142817

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