Guess What The Rockbrat Found On eBay ? Anne McCue – Laughing

Anne McCue,Laughing,6 track CD, 1st Solo CD from 1996
item #400116077785 Winning Bid AU $10.50 Date: April 2010
This has got to be one of the bargains of the year ! Anne McCue’s debut (self-released) album from 1996 – back when she was still relatively unknown (apart from a select few Monstar Maniacs) and playing the Melbourne wine bars. 14 Years down the track she is a much appreciated musician/performer who blows most other guitar players away – women and men. I couldn’t quite figure out why it took so long for the general public to get on board the good ship McCue – but the release of 2000’s Amazing Ordinary Things’ turned people’s heads – followed by 2004’s ‘Roll’, which earned her a wide and appreciative audience. There were very few of these album’s pressed – I would say 500 – so getting ahold of one (especially outside of Australia) is difficult. Overall the tracks on this EP are outstanding and a sign of the good things which were to follow. For further info on this release visit the Anne page at the Girl Monstar Fan Site