Worst Gigs The Rockbrat’s Seen ? David Lee Roth (1988)

Who: David Lee Roth
When :Sydney Oct 1988

There are quite a few – and I am not going to single out the worst – as many are just as bad as the others. Apologies if this post offends some die-hard Van Halen nuts….but it’s something I have to share. Lee Roth may’ve been great at the Starwood with Van Halen back in the 70’s, but this show was post VH, and a long way from the late 70’s. Recently I listened to another live show from this tour – hoping that I have been wrong about this experience all these years, but no – the recording confirmed what I’d remembered about the show – it was awful. Riding high on the Skyscraper LP – Lee Roth was on a massive world tour – which included a trip to Australia. I wasn’t a massive fan of his – Yankee Rose was decent, but other than that. Ugh. The whole band that night were flat. He didn’t sing through his vocal parts, rather spoke quickly through many of them – if you get my drift. He was ‘carried’ on his trademark surfboard by a bunch of goons, rather than being suspended from the air. How funny is that ! Woulda been a laugh if he had’ve fallen off ! I’ve never been a fan of the widdly-widdly guiat heroes, so Steve Vai was less than impressive for me. The shows lowpoint was a pause when a bunch of large bongo-type drums were assembled and all band members joined in on a drum session. Talk about pushing the punters attention ! Those drums did it for me – b-o-r-i-n-g !! I didn’t walk out on this show, which is some thing I guess – but it was hard to sit through this rubbish. A show I’d rather forget.