Worst Gigs The Rockbrat’s Seen ? Warrant (1992) Part 1

Who: Warrant – Part One
When :Sydney 27 April 1992
Here’s another total waste of an evening. What was I thinking ? I’m pretty sure I didn’t get free tickets, which would’ve made the pain of sitting through this shit more bearable. From memory I was at a loose end and thoughtthis’d be good – I’d heard the Dirty, Rotten, Filthy, Stinking, Rich’ album upon release and it was decent. But this show was horrible. 1992 and grunge was about to (thankfully) stomp hair-metal tripe like this ! I should point out that my background is Rose Tattoo/ AC/DC/Motorhead type rock. But music is music and I was willing to give Warrant a look. They tried hard all evening to cut it – but their sound was thin and their singer Jani Lane was awful. I walked out on this one, thankful to be out in the cool night air. I am surprised Warrant were able to release another major label album ‘Dog Eat Dog’ after this – because ultimately, when Cobain and Nirvana really hit full stride, dog shit like this fell by the wayside. Which is fair enough. ‘Heaven’ wasn’t a bad tune, but other than that, I could quite happily live the rest of my days without ever hearing from Warrant again. Oh and to make matters worse, Roxus – one of Australia’s most-charmed light weight rock bands opened the show. This outfit were given so many chances over the years – with TV appearances and great opening slots – but didn’t have decent enough tunes to crack the big time. I think they had Bon Jovi and Poison supports as well. They sure looked the part – decked out in the mandatory Sunset Strip attire of cowboy boots and swagger. But without the songs, forget it. That’s why Malcolm and Angus have survived so long. Straight down the line – no bullshit rock n roll – which will always eat up and spit out wimps like Warrant and Roxus every time.