Best Gigs The Rockbrat’s Seen ? Aerosmith (1990)

Who: Aerosmith
When: Canberra, 7 October 1990

It took the legendary Aerosmith twenty years to finally tour Australia, but what a show. Worth the wait ? Damn right !!! They shoulda made it down here in the 70’s, but nevertheless, 1990 it was (and only) and I was happy to finally see them. This world tour had kicked off a year earlier and if they were road weary I sure couldn’t pick it. Sunday evenings are always a strange day of choice for a show, but this was the Aerosmith, so it did not matter.

Support band for the tour was the Angry Anderson Band. The Tatts were obviously on a permanent hiatus with both Angry and Wellsy eeking out solo careers. Angry had released the ‘Blood From Stone’ album which contained two hits – ‘Heaven’ and ‘Bound For Glory’. His touring line-up was a killer band with Rockin Rob Riley on lead guitar, Bobby Barth on guitar (Axe, Blackfoot), Angel Jim Hilbun on bass, and Tim Powles on drums.

Show time and Tyler and his co-horts rip into their set with ‘Young Lust’. It was obvious that the set would be filled with newer tunes as they were still riding high on the Permanent Vacation/Pump comeback success. What about Done With Mirrors ? THAT was a great album – actually the first album with Perry back in the fold. Perry in 1990 was superfit, and supercool. It was great to finally see him live. The Other Side got aired which was decent, but I really wanted the gems. What It Takes ! Arghh ! The band were on fire this night – beyond brilliant, Same Old Song and Dance and Draw The Line get cranked. THIS IS THE SHIT ! Dream On and Walk This Way are the encores and I walk out smiling. Great show, great band, great memories…..

According to – the Canberra set list was:
Young Lust

Monkey On My Back
The Other Side
Don’t Get Mad, Get Even
Janie’s Got A Gun
Sweet Emotion
Peter Gunn
Red House (Jimi Hendrix cover)
What It Takes
Same Old Song and Dance
Voodoo Medicine Man
Draw the Line
Rag Doll
Permanent Vacation
Mama Kin
Dude (Looks Like A Lady)

Dream On
Love in an Elevator
Walk This Way

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