What’s The Rockbrat Reading Today ? ‘Loving John’ by May Pang

‘Loving John’ by May Pang (1983)

Published in 1983, this book is one I will keep forever. The most interesting Beatles books are the ones penned by people with genuine relationships to one of the Beatles (ie Pete Shotton’s ‘In My Life’ – also released back in 83) and this one by John and Yoko’s former assistant May Pang. When I purchased this, I literally read the thing from cover to cover. May Pang began a relationship with Lennon – apparently orchestrated by Yoko Ono – and this is her account of life with John – good and bad – in great detail. If you are a fan of John Lennon you will find this a fascinating book – and if you’re not a fan – it’s still an interesting read. This original pressing is long out of print – but it was re-issued some time back. Try Amazon on eBay for a copy. My copy is personally signed from May herself !!