Worst Gigs The Rockbrat’s Seen ? Mick Taylor Band (1994)

Who: Mick Taylor Band
When: Covent Garden, London UK 6 April 1994

Here’s another trip to snoresville. Scene 1: Reading over gig guide whilst sipping a Guinness in local pub – noticing former Stone Mick Taylor coming up at a local venue ! Note: Must go to venue the next day to secure ticket. Scene 2: Tired and tedious worn out blues tunes played to a venue packed with balding, 50 something year old gits, who’ve wasted far too many nights wearing out their John Mayall LP’s and who still think it’s 1972. I’ve read a lot of complaints from people who go see Chris Bailey and The Saints in recent times – expecting to have their ears assault with the buzz-saw sounding punk tunage of 1976. But are subject to Bailey’s recent offerings – and many punters go home disappointed. I can’t help but think of the same deal here with Mick Taylor. If you were a fan of Goats Head Soup and It’s Only Rock n Roll, you must’ve come here to see a former Stone – praying to hear tunes from those albums. Don’t get me wrong – he’s a great guitar player – and was very influential during his time as a Rolling Stone. But an evening of long winded blues songs ain’t my bag folks. Former Thin Lizzy axeman Snowy White was in the band – but from memory no Lizzy songs were aired either. In 1995 a live Taylor-White album was released title ‘Arthur’s Club-Geneve 1995′. Maybe I will hunt that one down and give it another listen. Thankfully, Oasis were on the verge of hitting the big time – in a very big way – therefore saving rock n roll.