Classic Album From The Rockbrat Collection: The Bombers – Aim High

(A & M)

Another obvious candidate for this column is ‘Aim High’ from The Bombers. Regardless of the fact that at one point they had an Angel and two Quo members in their ranks – this hard hitting band should’ve gone places. I witnessed The Bombers live experience many times and am left with everlasting memories of some very special gigs (a string of low key warm-up performances at Sydney’s Crows Nest hotel in late ’88/early ’89 (Hi Robin !) rank as some of the most awesome shows by a band I’ve ever witnessed). The original line-up was: vocalist Tyrone Coates, Alan Lancaster (bass), John Coghlin (drums) Angelo Salter on lead guitar and John Brewster on rhythm. Some big names in that pack – a pack that still had to prove itself – names can mean zilch in the music biz. And prove it they did. Early supports with Cheap Trick back in late ’88 started things rolling. Personnel changes incurred and ex-Boss skinsman Peter Heckenberg, and lead guitarist Steve Crofts joined the band. This line-up released ‘Aim High’ in April 1990. The first single ‘Running In The Shadows’ kicks things off with a bang, followed on by ‘Aim High’. Tyrone’s soaring vocals at the end of this song leave me in no doubt what at a strong vocalist he is (you don’t win WA’s best male vocalist two years running if you ain’t got the goods). Third song ‘Escape’ was great live – (written by Lancaster, Brewster and Coates), and loses none of it’s power on record. Highlights are many – The second single ‘World’s On Fire’ coulda been a smash, as could’ve their third release ‘Flash In Japan’. Those who own a copy, will know that it’s littered with uncompromising, catchy, heavy duty rock n roll. I still maintain it’s light years ahead from what Quo and The Angels are putting out (even today !) Alice Cooper loved ’em, and after a nation wide tour with him in 1990, (and a Skid Row support as well), they were supposed to tour the US with him. It never eventuated. They called it quits, but left behind a chunk of hot rock.