Best Gigs The Rockbrat’s Seen ? Izzy Stradlin (1992)

Who: Izzy Stradlin & The Juju Hounds
When: Dee Why Hotel, Sydney – August 27, 1992

How cool is Izzy Stradlin from Guns n Roses fame ? I’ve heard that during the massive 1991 GnR world tour, just to keep himself grounded – he’d actually drive himself to stadium shows in his car – exit with the axe and head in just like a regular gig ! This is a world away from Axl Rose who – at that time was wearing monogrammed basketball boots, smoking his ciggies in a plastic holder and prancing about in his bicycle shorts. Any wonder Izzy jumped ship ?And what did he do ? Go on vacation ? Nah – He goes and cuts a killer debut album and does a worldwide club tour to support it ! I saw him in 1992 and he was freakin‘ awesome. No fuss, no bullshit – he just sauntered on stage and ripped into his set ! Australians used to love no bullshit rock n roll – and here was an evening crammed full of it. He even had the truly great Rick Richards from the Georgia Satellites guitar. What a band. Tunes ? Came Unglued, Bucket O’ Trouble, Cuttin‘ The Rug, Crackin‘ Up, Time Gone By, Somebody Knockin‘, Shuffle It All, Train Tracks, Been A Fix, Pressure Drop, The Ronnie Wood tune Take A Look at the Guy – that’s all I can remember. I know he didn’t air any GnR songs – fine by me. They were a bloated, irrelevant monster by 1992 anyway, so if you showed up hoping to hear some Guns n Roses – you woulda been disappointed. If you’d come along for a hit of genuine, Thunders-inspired rock – you’d have walked away smiling.