Classic Album From The Rockbrat Collection: Girl Monstar – Monstereo Delicio



The now defunct Girl Monstar, were not just another all-girl group. Anyone close to me will know how much I loved this band, and anyone who ever witnessed them live will attest to the warmth and magic that made them what they were. A very special act who achieved a lot in their five year career (but never really fulfilled their potential, otherwise they’d be stars – I blame certain parts of the media for this !) before that big Monstar engine finally ran out of steam. Their first two singles, ‘Surfing On A Wave Of Love’ and ‘Joe Cool’ both reached number one on the indie charts – and this, their debut full length album went largely ignored. Shame too, cause ‘Monstereo Delicio’ is packed full of white hot rock n roll. Recorded in 1991 (with original bass player Damian Child, although her replacement Janene Abbott is pictured on the cover) but not seeing release until mid 1992, the album displays all the raw talent and sound associated with that first line-up, an album etched in Monstar magic. Crowd favourite ‘Are You Ever’ begins the mayhem, quickly followed by ‘Teenage Dinosaur’ – Damian’s gravel throat vocals shining through on the chorus. Video single ‘Higher Than High’ leaves me in no doubt that Anne McCue could write ’em as good as she could sing ’em (their colourful video for this song shoulda seen more air-play !) The songwriting talents of Sherry Valier are a standout. ‘Jason Please’ and ‘Don’t Blame Me’ highlight this. A nice acoustic intro on ‘Jason Please’ allows the listener a moment alone with Sherry’s smooth tones. Anne’s creativity runs riot on ‘Johnny’, with some nice guitar work here also. The dramatic bitch anthem ‘Maneater’ was another live favourite, and loses none of it’s raw power here either. ‘He’s So Cruel’ is a song that could’ve been anything. Cutting guitars and sharp vocals ensure this song stick in your head for days. Great opening line, “Baby plays with razors – cuts me all the time”. The album rounds off with ‘My Baby Makes Me Stay Up All Night’ – another Valier original, and put simply, a wonderfully written stop-start rock n roll song ! Drummer Susie World handles lead vocals on ‘Headbanger – I Love You’ and the Bardot of percussion puts in a confident performance on this heavy handed number. Bonus hit single tracks ‘Joe Cool’ and ‘Egomaniac’ (surely one of the best ever tunes committed to a B-side) draws to a close ‘Monstereo Delicio’. Someone once wrote “If Girl Monstar don’t make it – logic is hopeless”. Well there you have it – logic IS hopeless. Sherry is now fronting her hot band of Grievous Angels, Susie is drumming with the Exotics, Damian is now with Sine, and at last report Anne was seen playing acoustic gigs in Melbourne’s wine bars. I leave you to go and discover this album, and with it, that something very special that was associated with this band. Thanks for the memories girls.