Worst Gigs The Rockbrat’s Seen ? Poison (1989)

Who: Poison  

When: Sydney 3 April 1989

By 1989 I’d like to think I could distinguish decent rock from wimp rock. Why on earth I attended the 1989 Poison show in Sydney is totally beyond me.  Boredom ? Maybe. Curious ? Probably. They were, after all, one of the first of the Sunset Strip bands to get signed to a major label, and the first LP (apart from the chicks on the cover) was half decent. From memory the god-awful – and very charmed Roxus has the support. They were very forgettable – which is a godsend really. Jesus how many major supports did these dorks get ? What, the Candy Harlots couldn’t have done a better job ? Whatever. Show time and there’s a lot of prancing and high kicking, some feeble pyrotechnics and the kids in the audience are screaming and eating this shit up. Bobby Dall on bass, does that annoying side/foot tap thing on his cowboy boot whilst smoking a ciggie. He looks about as nasty as a sick kitten. He was part of one of the meekest sounding rhythm sections in rock history. You could hardly hear him on record – and I thought live he was about as potent as Sid or Stu Sutcliffe (and at least Macca had the good sense to turn Stu off without him realising). You know, I cannot recall one thing I enjoyed about this concert, other than the houselights coming on, which means I sat through the whole debacle. Imagine if someone like Doc and the Angels or the Tatts had’ve supported. Would’ve been like following Godzilla. To be fair to Poison, they were what they were and are representative of that time. From all account Brett Michaels is a good guy, but that is no excuse for having a drummer with the silliest name in rock !

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