Classic Image From The Rockbrat Photo Collection: Rick Nielsen (1988)

Rick Nielsen


Who: Rick Nielsen
When: 26 April, 1988 – Tivoli, Sydney Australia

This photo of the great Rick Nielsen from Cheap Trick was taken at a venue in Sydney, Australia called The Tivoli. Don’t bother looking for it, cause that venue has long since been demolished to make way for a car park. Cheap Trick have long been a favourite of mine and Robin Zander has one of the best voices in rock. If you are a 16 year old reading this and are clueless with your musical taste, go start your rock n roll discovery with  Cheap Trick. They have written some of the best pop/rock songs of all time and are still writing, recording and great tunes. Back to 1988 which means they were on the road in support of the ‘Lap Of Luxury’ album. Australia had always been a good market for the band, who were immensely popular in 1979/80 with the Dream Police album/tour. The first single from ‘Lap of Luxury’ was ‘The Flame’ which ultimately hit number one on the Aussie charts. It’s a very well written song.  The Tivoli gig was great, with the band in top form. I’d always wanted to take a great photo of Nielsen as he is such an interesting subject. His clothing is always colorful, and his guitar collection is a rock photographer’s dream. Early on the band had settled on the cool (Zander and Peterson) versus nerd (Neilsen and drummer Bun E Carlos) image for the band with great effect. Most of the shots I took that night were great, but I particularly like this one as his red sweater compliments his eye-catching yellow BC Rich. Hope you like it folks !

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