Rockbrat Wonders: What if Allan Fryer had’ve replaced Bon Scott in AC/DC ?

What if Allan Fryer had’ve replaced Bon in AC/DC ? So the story goes that – in early 1980 – Scottish-born Adelaide-based vocalist Allan Fryer (then with local outfit Fat Lip) had received news that he was the new AC/DC frontman. Hell, his successful job application even made it onto the airwaves of the local Adelaide TV ! Fryer possessed a great rock voice. He played no bullshit rock n roll, and was a solid front man. He also looked like he could kick the teeth out of any blue-singleted truck driver if required – so he had that part down pat ! He was Maybe the voice and the look were too similar to Bon’s ? Rumour has it both Harry and George were keen on him. Did Malcolm and Angus even hear his audition tape ? I wonder. Time had proven that Brian Johnson was a hellava good choice – no one can argue that. But the Rockbrat reckons Allan Fryer would’ve torn through songs like ‘Hell’s Bells’, ‘Back In Black’, ‘Have A Drink On Me’ or What Do You Do For Money Honey?’ just as good as Johnno. Fryer went to on taste limited success with the tough sounding Heaven – a great mix of hard rock and thumping blues-edged boogie. There is a post elsewhere on this forum where I reviewed the heaven album ‘Where Angels Fear To Tread’ so go read that. Ultimately, the rock n roll gods weren’t smiling on Allan Fryer. He’s left his mark and for those in the know, appreciated. But not on a global crushing level like Brian Johnson. To answer my original subject question ? I believe AC/DC with Fryer at the helm would’ve been just as successful. But that’s just Rockbrat speculation. Maybe Fryer should re-record Back In Black and get a small label to release it. I would sure buy it.

2 thoughts on “Rockbrat Wonders: What if Allan Fryer had’ve replaced Bon Scott in AC/DC ?

  1. Apart from Allan Fryer, there were other big caliber candidates:

    – Marc Storace (Krokus) – he declined the offer to audition, because Krokus were on the rise and he believed in the band

    – Steve Burton (Strafighters) – there were rumours that he turned down the opportunity fearing his own vices would lead towards a similar fate (like Bon’s)

    – Stevie Wright (The Easybeats) – much older than the rest (well, younger than Bon and Brian) and had some serious drug problems at that time if I recall correctly

    I think Allan would rock for sure. Would love to hear the version of Whole Lotta Rosie that he sang over an album track, when auditioned for Vanda&Young.
    But, if he were in AC/DC, there would be no Heaven. And I am a huge fan of Heaven, so…

    P.S.: Check the Starfighters out. Killer band. Released two fantastic albums produced by Tony Platt (Back in Black engineer/mixer). Also Krokus doesn’t need no further introduction – great band.

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