Guess What The Rockbrat Found On eBay ? Cheap Trick – Dream Police Stand-Up

Cheap Trick – Dream Police Stand-Up

Winning Bid: $125 US
Sale Date: 1 December 2006

This neat looking Cheap Trick rarity was upped on eBay some time back, but I thought it was worthy of a post. How cool is this ? If you cranked ‘Gonna Raise Hell’ and consumed a few beers, you’d swear the Dream Police were indeed ‘waiting for me, looking for me’ etc ! Spiel from the sale is below…….

These are 4 cardboard stand up figures of Cheap Trick from their Dream Police LP, released in September 1979. They were for a promotional display but were never used and are in absolutely mint condition. The cardboard pull-outs in the back to stand the figures up are still intact and have never been used.

There is a stand up for each member of the band, Rick Nielsen, Robin Zander, Tom Petersson and Bun E. Carlos.  They are black and white and show them standing in the Dream Police outfits with badges below them with their name, a number and the name Cheap Trick and Dream Police.

All 4 figures measure about 25-26 inches long, however, the measurement is slightly different across for each one. Tom’s measures about 8.5 inches across, Robin’s about 8 inches across, Bun’s about 9.5 inches across and Rick’s about 9 inches across at their widest.

This is a must have for any Cheap Trick fan!!!  These are NOT copies or duplicates but are the original figures that came out when the LP was released by Epic Records in 1979.

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