Classic Image From The Rockbrat Photo Collection: Johnny Ramone – Sydney (1989)


The late great Johnny Ramone stares out at the Coogee Bay audience


Who: Johnny Ramone
When: 11 November 1989 – Coogee Bay Hotel, Sydney, Australia

I missed out on the Ramones 1980 tour of Australia so the 1989 visit was met with considerable expectation. A packed Ramones crowd is not a great place to try to line up a great photo. Nevertheless, I took the camera along with me to the Coogee Bay Hotel on a humid November evening – to witness the fury of one of the best rock bands to ever climb a stage. This shot of Johnny, clutching his famous white Mosrite was one of the best shots I manged. Since his passing in 2004, I am grateful for having taken the camera along and capturing this image of him – and whilst I acknowledge that it is not one of my best photo’s, it is still quite special to me. 

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