Lifting The Lid On The Rockbrat Treasure Chest: Bun E. Carlos Drumstick

What: Bun E. Carlos Drumstick

The odds of scoring a drumstick at a gig are slim – unlike a guitar pick, where many can be tossed out into a crowd in one evening (unless it’s a Kiss show where they freakin-well rain down). I’ve never been fortunate enough to snare many drum sticks – if you pardon the pun. But at a Cheap Trick show back in 1988, drummer Bun E. Carlos flicked one of his sticks right at me which I gratefully nabbed at. I also have signed drumsticks from Status Quo’s John Coghlin and the legendary Carmine Appice, which I’ll try to showcase down the track. As I write this in 2010, Bun E is currently not touring with the band (apparently due to a back injury), which I hope is not a permanent move. A true drumming legend from one of the greatest ever rock bands the world has known, and a piece of Rockbrat rock n roll history to cherish.

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