Classic Image From The Rockbrat Photo Collection: Jeff Dahl – Arizona (1996)

Punk rock icon Jeff Dahl

Who: Jeff Dahl
Where: Cave Creek, Arizona – 1 November 1996

Jeff Dahl is one cool cat – another underground punk rock legend who’s been plying his trade since 1976. This unsung artist owns an immensely rich back-catalogue of truly great albums which you really should go and discover. My brother and I are massive Dahl admirers and I can recall many great beer-fuelled nights at home when we would blast Jeff Dahl tunage until the wee small hours ! A trip downunder was often dreamt of, but never eventuated – and so it was that in 1996, the Gray Brothers trekked to the Arizona desert to meet the great man himself. He lived in a place called Cave Creek and I remember,  as I paid for the rental car in Phoenix thinking ‘I sure hope I can find this place’ ! Getting to Cave Creek was easy, however locating the Dahl House was not. After driving aimlessly for some time (and with Dahl music blaring from the car stereo), we stop to ask a lady out walking her dog – who turns out to be Mrs Dahl ! Kinda makes me chuckle when I think about that ! Turns out Dahl was the most genuine-down to earth person you could hope to  meet. I shot a roll of film of him as the Arizona sun was still blazing away – and the image displayed here is one of my best. Sometimes, the best photographs of a musician are the ones where their chosen instrument is not displayed – such is the case here.  Just Dahl in dark shades, looking away from the lens and sporting a sleeveless Birdman tee. A mate of mine in the UK who is a top-notch photographer named this as his pick of the pack as well. Great memories of a great day spent with our idol Jeff Dahl.

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