Rockbrat Remembers: The Autograph Book

If you are a kid reading this blog and you live in the modern world and your idea of normal is reality TV and gaming on your mobile phone, I want to send you back to a time when I grew up, a time of pinball machines and suburban Sydney football grounds and – the humble autograph book. Do kids still carry autograph books nowadays ? I’m not sure. But in my day, and for generations of kids who grew up in the 50’s and 60’s, many carried an autograph book with them when they attended a public event, particularly bigger ones like a rock concert or football match. An autograph book was a hard covered little book with blank pastel coloured pages inside for the celebrity to sign on. It’s fair to say that as a rugby league fan, I chased more autographs from my favourite players than favourite pop stars (access to these guys was also a lot easier as they’d often be standing around the players tunnel watching reserve grade), yet on occasion, you’d spot an identity from! the music biz or entertainment industry. Here’s a Molly Meldrum autograph obtained whilst attending a Test Match at the SCG in 1981, always good to have the autograph book on hand! Did you have an autograph book as a kid ?

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