Classic Image From The Rockbrat Photo Collection: Murder Style – Koenji, Tokyo, Japan (1998)

Who: Murder Style
Where: Koenji, Tokyo, Japan – 18 December 1998

Murder Style – who from memory hailed from Nagoya – were on the same bill as the Kevin K Band and also the Golden Arms. I’ll have to make some time to write about this band cos they freakin-well tore the place down. The band looked like they’d walked straight off the Mad Max 2 set, and were fronted by a gal named Miiko. She was a rock photographer’s dream…one moment she’d dag on a ciggie and pose quite charmingly and then the next you’d think she might kick your teeth in…I used to find Chrissie Amphlett a bit like that. The image here displays the ass kicking tornado in full flight. and it’s one of my favourite images.

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