Rockbrat Wonders: Why Asteroid B-612 did not conquer the world ?

Make no mistake folks, the Rockbrat knows cool rock n roll when he sees it, and in the early 90’s there was no band in Australia – cranking out loud, melodious tunage like Sydney’s Asteroid B-612. According to the Rockbrat, the line-up consisting of Grant McGyver on vox and Stewie ‘Leadfinger’ Cunningham on guitar (along with John Spittles, Ben Fox and Scott Nash) was THE most potent line-up this band had. You could hear glimpses of the Stones, Cooper, Birdman and the MC-5 in their songs combined with a truly authentic sound that was all their own. Plugged in live, their powerhouse performances were electric. I often left a venue is awe; such was the magic they created. Stripped down rock n roll played loud – they were ignored by the mainstream music press for some time and it was only those who had their ear to the underground who picked up on them. Their first three efforts are essential for your collection: 1993’s self-titled album (released on Dave Thomas’ Destroyer label), 1994’s ‘ Forced Into a Corner’ and ‘Not Meant For This World which was released in 1996.  

Internal feuding, musical differences, bad timing – whatever the reason – Asteroid B-612 are one of the most potent rock n roll outfits to come out of Australia and when I listen to some of their early recordings, I am damn mystified as to why they were not successful. That being said, it is never too late to discover cool rock n roll and I urge you to research and purchase some of this band’s back catalogue)

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