Classic Album From The Rockbrat Collection: Kevin K Band – Nightlife


Strong yet reflective, smooth around the edges and definitely durable. This effectively sums up the classic rock n roll songs on Kevin K’s first solo outing from 1995 – ‘Nightlife’. A very solid collection of melodic, mid tempo rock n roll tunes with enormous appeal to any cat who digs the Stones or Thunders. Ex-Road Vulture’s guitar slinger Kevin K offers some very tempting razor edged riffs whilst the solos are very Thundersesque in parts, yet that’s always music to these ears. Kevin K however, is no clone. He writes, sings, plays and produces ’em, and these tunes invariably stand on there own merits with Kevin’s smooth and charismatic vocals really the key to making each song happen. The charm of the voice has an almost alluring appeal. This is one of those exceptional records where every number is a stand out, yet I’ll have my two cents worth and suggest some highlights. ‘Lost Girl’ is a sonic punk rocker featuring some substantial  riffing, and telling the all too familiar tale of a runaway lost on the heartless streets of New York. The big riffing title track ‘Nightlife’ is venturing into raw hard rock territory and features some solid axe work. The rapid fire riffs continue on the melodious ‘First Time Last Time’, with lotsa hook and some complimentary harmonica. The hard rockin’ boogie action of ‘See You Soon’ is sheer delight. R n B with a punk edge, and a hard, buzzsaw boogie riff. The solo cuts to the bone and would no doubt draw a smile to the face of Mr. Johnny Volume. An absolute monster !! ‘Dance’ is another well written rock tune with enormous radio appeal and bears more than a faint resemblance to mid 80’s era Screaming Tribesmen. Perhaps the most likeable record to emerge in the 90’s and definitely deserving of more exposure. Kevin K’s latest effort ‘Party Down’ was released last year and also comes highly recommended. Kevin K  is one of the best kept secrets in rock n roll today, and I urge you to check him out. You won’t be disappointed.

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