Classic Album From The Rockbrat Collection: Roddy Ray’da – Lost Lonely and Vicious


Roddy Ray’da. Rock n roll. The words just kinda gel. This mans rock n roll resume reads as long as your arm, and it’s fair to say that Roddy is deserving of more success and exposure than he has obtained thus far. Makes me ponder the thought as to just how important Roddy was, to developing the sounds of such great Australian bands as The Hoodoo Gurus, Scientists, Dubrovniks or The Johnnys. That’s right. For the uninitiated, Roddy was at one time or another a member of these bands, and it came as no surprise to see him out fronting his own band in the late 80’s / early 90’s – the Surfin’ Ceasars. As the Surfin’ Ceasars, Roddy has recorded four albums (‘Lost, Lonely And Vicious’, ‘Orgazmatazz’, ‘Mouthful Of Chicken’ and ‘The Drug That Killed Elvis’) yet if any of these albums were going to unleash Roddy upon the masses, it would’ve been ‘Lost, Lonely And Vicious’ released back in 1989 on a major label (of sorts) – Regular. Roddy could well have become Australia’s rock n roll hero. Take a dose of Johnny Thunders and Stiv Bators, and wash it down with a liberal helping of Handsome Dick Manitoba and you might have some idea what I mean. This album as a whole in fact, has a strong Dictators feel to it. Crunching guitar, roller coaster rhythms and tongue in cheek lyrics. The album opener is the explosive ‘Dynamite Party’. “Ignite the dynamite, we’re gonna rock this party tonight !”. Party indeed ! I’m steamrolled. What an anthem. Catchy chorus, killer riff – is that Ross The Boss on guitar ? Nah, it’s ‘Klondike’ Masuak. Same thing, premier guitar god (Masuak in fact produced this album). ‘Nuclear Love’ is my favourite track on this record. Roddy really delivers the goods on this up-tempo number, that tells the story of a radioactive romance that detonates into oblivion. ‘Pirate Girl’ is vintage Roddy, sounding reminiscent of early Dubrovniks. The old Roddy classic ‘Girls Go Maniac’ (this one is an old Dubrovniks tune) offers more of the same. It’s party time people ! Sir Radalj cuts an awesome tribute to The Dictators on ‘Master Race Rock’, rivalling the original for sheer intensity. This album’s strength lies in it’s consistancy. If you like your rock n roll fast and furious, ala The Dictators, Heartbreakers, Hitmen etc, then hunt this album down. It doesn’t dissapoint.

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