Classic Image From The Rockbrat Photo Collection: Mortal Sin – Ryde, Sydney (1989)

Who: Mortal Sin
Where: Gladesville, Sydney – 1989

Make no mistake, Australia in the 80’s had some of the best exponents of thrash metal around – good enough to rival the best that the rest of the world had to offer. Hailing from Sydney’s Western Suburbs, Mortal Sin rose above all others with their unique brand loud heavy metal. Their first album (and I mean the locally released one on their own Mega-Metal label) is a timeless classic. Heavy riffing, big time changes, Maurer’s unique vocals – man, what a killer album. Sure it paid homage to Metallica, but this was no rip-off and in 86/87, the Mortals had the European rock mags in a spin. This image – taken in 1989 – was taken by the Rockbrat at a venue called Banjo’s in Sydney’s Gladeville – which was a regular Rockbrat stomping ground. I love this photo as it is taken side-stage and displays the pure heavy metal frenzy which bands like this could create.

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