Best Gigs The Rockbrat’s Seen ? Motorhead – Shinjuku, Tokyo (2000)

Phil and Lemmy showing the kids how it’s done !

Who: Motorhead
When: Liquid Room, Shinjuku, Tokyo 10 October 2000

Does Rock n Roll in the live environment get any purer than Motorhead ? They have long been a Rockbrat favourite and any clueless kid looking to discover cool rock n roll could do worse than to start with Lemmy and the boys.  Nearly ten years ago I saw them on their Japan tour at the Liquid Room, located in the hearts of Tokyo’s Shinjuku district. Cool venue, but the words ‘fire’ and ‘trap’ have appeared in my mind when I’ve been there. Rules and regulations go hand in hand in Japan, so I can only presume that the fire safety checks are up to date, but after the Great White tragedy of a few years back, I often wonder. Anyway – it was a steamy October evening when I made my way into a very packed venue. Motorhead were touring in support of the “We Are Motoread’ album and kicked off the set with the album title-track. A crunching take of ‘Bomber’ is next, followed by ‘No Class’. The Rockbrat was loving it ! A cover of the Pistols’ God Save The Queen is well received, as is the cutting Sacrifice. I can do without drum solos

(especially in a club), but Mikkey Dee’s was at least loud ! Iron Fist, Killed By Death, Ace Of Spades end the evening and my ears and brain are ringing as I negotiate the Tokyo Train network. With the passing of Ronnie James Dio this year


the fact that one day, too – bands like Motorhead will no longer exist is a distinct reality. The world will be a lesser place for it – but it makes nights like the 10 October 2000 one to look back on and remember.


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