Lifting The Lid On The Rockbrat Treasure Chest: Cheap Trick Set-List

What: Cheap Trick Set-List – Rick Nielsen 1988

From the previous posts related to Cheap Trick, you can assume correct in saying the Rockbrat is a massive fan. Today, whilst rummaging through the Treasure Chest I locate gold ! Gold made out of paper at least. This is guitarist Rick Nielsen’s original set-list obtained on the 2 December 1988 at their Coogee Bay Hotel show – the night that was professionally filmed and released as ‘Cheap Trick: Live In Australia’  – (then VHS now out on DVD). The sneaky Rockbrat no doubt tore this from Neilsen’s monitor and I’ve kept it (along with several others) in good condition since then. Obviously if you’ve been at it as long as Cheap Trick have, abbreviations of song titles work just fine: ie ‘D.P’ for ‘Dream Police’, ‘Clock’ for ‘Clock Strikes Ten’ etc. Rock geeks will also note that ‘Big Eyes’ is written as ‘Big I’s’ (geddit ?) and that there was a late switching of tunes (‘Surrender’ and ‘I Want You To Want Me’).

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