Classic Album From The Rockbrat Collection: Cherie and Marie Currie – Messin With The Boys


For all you kids too young enough to know, Cherie Currie was the teasing blonde who back in the mid-70’s fronted the Runaways – the most rockin’ all-girl band ever. Upon quitting the group Cherie cut ‘Beauty’s Only Skin Deep’, before teaming up with her identical twin sister Marie. ‘Messin’ With The Boys’ originally hit the racks back in 1980, and recently saw re-release via this label outta Tennessee. The first ten tracks are what you’ll find on the original LP, and there’s another seven songs included here. There are indeed many fine moments – notably the title track which was lifted as a single. The two Russ Ballard tunes ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ and ‘I Surrender’ are incredibly catchy and make Rainbow’s attempts sound feeble. I’ve always loved Cherie’s powerful vocals – definitely suited to rock, yet at other times dulcet and warm – a vocalist who really shines on the slower stuff (listen to the Runaways doing ‘Heartbeat’, ‘Strawberry Fields’ or ‘Here Comes The Sun’ and you’ll see how underrated she really is). ‘Secrets’ is another treat, honest and beautiful, this ballad displays ‘the voice’ so well and puts radio puppets like Mariah Carey and Jewel to shame. The cover of the Raspberries number ‘Overnight Sensation’ has an AOR raunch flavour and sees Marie in fine form. Should’ve indeed been a ‘hit record’. Toto axe whiz (and Marie’s ex-husband) Steve Lukather plays guitars on some tracks and gives the album some kick. The re-working of Cherie’s signature tune ‘Cherry Bomb’ is a worthy inclusion and sounds hotter than ever. Very appealing and not just for Runaways nuts.

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