Rockbrat Wonders: About The Bangles Australian Tour That Never Was

The Rockbrat can recall being in a bar in San Francisco in the early 90’s and having an argument with another patron – a girl – who was slagging off The Bangles as a ‘Cheerleader band’. What ! I was having none of that and let fly, defending one of the coolest all-girl bands to ever set foot on a stage….an no, not only cos a former Runaway was in the line-up. I was not a fan when they were ‘The Bangs’, but 1984’s All Over The Place had The Rockbrat hooked ! The Bangles wrote (and continue to do so mind you) some of the most perfect pieces of pop and rock music – end quote ! I was praying for a visit and the prayers were answered with a 1989 Australian Tour locked in. But no !!! The tour was cancelled due to a domestic related plane strike ! See original gig ad at left. Argh !!! I was livid…and it would in fact be another 16 years before I finally got to see Susanna and the great Peterson sisters in the live arena. If you are reading this and you live in Australia, check them out this October when they embark on a six-date tour of mainland capital cities playing with Pat Benatar !

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