Classic Image From The Rockbrat Photo Collection: Hitmen DTK (1990)

Who: Hitmen DTK
Where: ANU, Canberra – 28 November 1990

Chris Masuak and Johnny Kannis – they were a part of The Rockbrat’s world via live gigs for so long they were damn near family ! I have a backstage shot from this time-period which I’ll have to locate and upload. I took many live shots of The Hitmen and Hitmen DTK over the years, but this one I quite like (I cannot believe this photo was snapped nearly 20 years ago !!).  It’s taken at the ANU in Canberra in late 1990 – and judging from Zeus’ tee-shirt, it was on the Buncha Brats Tour – which also featured Voodoo Lust and Pete Wells Heart Attack. The Hitmen always drew well in the nation’s capitol and this gig was no exception. The thing about The Hitmen was that you always had a great night. Whether you were buzzing on booze or stone cold sober, the rock n roll being cranked out was always of the highest quality and I always had a good night witnessing them. The Rockbrat remembers two things from this show – Kannis actually grabbing my camera and taking several shots of the audience, and also inviting (by way of grabbing) punters up on stage to dance during ‘Aloha Steve and Danno’. Truly great memories my friends.

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