Rockbrat Wonders: About Kiss’ Foray Into The Motorcycle Market

The merchandising of Kiss (and The Elder album ) pretty much killed the band by 1981. Pinball machines and sleeping Bags were a long way from lunch boxes and trading cards. Will it ever end ? Many people do not know that Kiss and Japanese Motorcycle Company Honda had teamed up to produce a Motorcycle. That’s right, in 1978 The Kiss Honda Mobile was all set to go, but never released to the public. I imagine that selling a Kiss-themed motorcycle was the furthest thing from Frehley and Criss’s minds when the band stepped onto smoke-filled Long Island stages to very few punters in early 1973. But that’s what happened. I am unsure why the motorcycle was never made available to the public. Apart from a Kiss logo on the tank and what looks like a saddle bag at the rear, this looks basically like a Honda Hawk/twin cylinder CB 400 – though it is hard to tell from the small image. But just when you thought they would never go that far again, Eisen and Witz are set to flick the throttle on the two wheels once again. Though this time it’s a 150cc powered scooter. Like many scooters it is an Auto with Front-Disc and Rear-Drum Brakes. At $3,399 RRP (US$) it is pricier than the ride-away prices of many competitors in this class, but hey – you get the Kiss images painted on the cargo box and front wheel cover..right ? The Rockbrat reckons this is the most ridiculous piece of Kiss merch since the Kiss Casket and the just released Kiss HandyCam ! The rear image (which is painted on) includes the two imposters Singer and ex-roadie (and Kiss-tribute band member) Thayer ! How insulting to Ace and Pete. Why not just use the 1978 solo faces ! Again, this is another $hameless money-grab but you can bet your Kiss Dragon Boot slippers that some cashed up collector in Germany, Spain or Maryland will nab this and push it into their ‘Kiss Room’ to impress their Kiss friends and neighbours. Be sure to grab a Kiss Motorcross Hemet why you’re at it ! Charlie Brown had it right when he used to utter the phrase ‘good grief’ ! The Rockbrat couldn’t agree more !

= Post updated 22 Feb 2914 – Message received today from a Rockbrat reader confiming that KISS Honda Motorcycle DID exist ! Read below =
Just found your page doing a web search on the bike. I won one in ’78 at a now defunct “PEACHES” record store.
It was a rock radio station “KAZY” promotional event for the upcoming KISS concert at McNichols Sports arena in Denver Colorado. I was 12 and a HUGE KISS fan. The station promoted the motorcycle contest for weeks before. The record was in Westminster Colorado. Hundreds of people showed up. When you you got in line to sign up. There were 2 contests that day. The first was had to guess how many Hershey’s Kisses (get it) were in a clear acrylic box the size of a peach crate (Peaches’ record bins in the store were all wooden peach crates.). The person closest to the number won a 15 minute record grab through out the store. The BIG contest was when your name was called you went to the starting line for an indoor obstacle course(in the store). At the starting line this “HOT” chick randomly drew one of the solo albums.She drew Paul Stanley’s. At the whistle, I ran 1/2 the o-course to a crate filled with records and 1 of each of the 4 solo albums. I had to find the Stanley album finish the “o”-course and drop the album at the finish line. I knew the album cover was all black,put my finger on the first black covers in the stack first I saw was Billy Joel 52nd St. flipped it and there it was. My time was just over 11 sec. Closest time to me was 14+. Lots of older kids were PISSED! Store kept bike in display window for few days, KAZY had me do on-air interview that week,picked up bike. Bike was too big for me – stepdad sold it for $1200 (JACKASS). I had doz or so posters gave them to friends.Did ride couple of times. Damn, wish I still had it. So yes it did exist no idea how many.




One thought on “Rockbrat Wonders: About Kiss’ Foray Into The Motorcycle Market

  1. This was probably held in 1979, as the KISS show they were referring to was on November 4, 1979 and the post states the motorcycle contest was promoted “weeks before” the concert.

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