Rockbrat Wonders: Who Is The Most Ridiculous Looking Band In Heavy Metal? (Y&T)

photo: Mark Weiss

Uh oh…what is going on here ?! Is it bad fashion day ? Is the circus in town ? No…not the circus, but Y&T from Los Angeles who will visit your town to make your ears bleed and steal your striped spandex. The Rockbrat is a fan of Y&T, but that don’t mean they are off the Rockbrat’s humour-radar ! Of major concern is drummer Leonard Haze – second from left. Is that a blue military-style jacket ? and since when does a Mickey Mouse tee go with yellow and white striped spandex ?! It only takes one glance at Philip Kennemore on the far right and you just know he couldn’t be anything else but the bass player. Some guys just have that look about them. He’s gone for the yellow neckerchief to match his polka dot spandex. Joey Alves escapes the Rockbrat wit, as does Dave Meniketti at far left who looks fairly cool – points there for Dave.

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