Rockbrat Remembers: When Kiss Appeared At The Sydney Town Hall

photo: Neville Waller

Next time you are in the Sydney CBD – (in the Queen Victoria Building/Town Hall area to be specific), look up and have a good long look at the famous Town Hall. Located at 483 George Street, this iconic building made national news during the 1980 Australian Kiss Tour, when the band made an appearance on the balcony with then Lord Mayor Doug Sutherland. estimates of a 6000 person turnout paled with the 350000 strong crowd in Adelaide which greeted the Beatles some 16 years beforehand. Nevertheless, doing this kind of thing for Kiss was quite a rarity. As I got older I learnt that the Kissmania which swept through Australia in 1980 really was at odds with many other places… their North American homeland where they were playing small venues like New York City’s Palladium. I’ll try to explore the massive wave of Kiss popularity here in Australia in a future post, but for now – take a good look at the Sydney Tall Hall photo and reminisce with the Rockbrat.

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