What’s The Rockbrat Reading Today ? Neon Angel – The Cherie Currie Story

With the release of the Runaways film this year, seems everyone has an opinion on Cherie Currie and the Runaways. At the very least, it educated many young people about one of the finest rock n roll bands to rise out of the Los Angeles suburbs ever. That my friends is a good thing. I was told that the film was based on Cherie’s late 80’s book ‘Neon Angel’…so I flicked through the Rockbrat library and decided to re-read my copy. It had been some years since I read this and I forgot what a damn good read it was. Getting ahold of this (remember there was no internet ordering taking place kids) back in 1990 was a challenge in itself – and I got mine from a book store in Hollywood. Some time later I got my books signed – actually to launch this book back in 1989 – Cherie did a book signing at Golden Apple Comics…maybe you were there ? As is often the case – where a book is way better than the film – that same scenario applies here too. She has some interesting stories about the UK tour (which got completely ignored in the film) and also her life after she left the band. Rockbrat recommends you read this book first, then go purchase the first Runaways album online. From there ? Hunt down the 1980 Runaways comp called ‘Flaming Schoolgirls’….why ? Because you get to hear Cherie Currie singing ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ and ‘Hollywood Dream’ which are astounding. That reason enough for ya ! Did you know that Cherie is an accomplished and very talented chainsaw artist – check out her site as proof (the Rockbrat owns a chainsaw (used for firewood) and believe me – it ain’t easy to do what she does – I’ve tried). This 1989 book title was co-written with the now award-winning author Neal Shusterman – and has been re-issued to coincide with the Runaways Movie (re-titled ‘Neon Angel: A Memoir of a Runaway).  What are you waiting for – go and buy this today !

One thought on “What’s The Rockbrat Reading Today ? Neon Angel – The Cherie Currie Story

  1. Hey Rockbrat!
    I want to say ‘thank you’ for the kind words. They mean a lot. If it wasn’t for people like YOU we would not be getting the recognition this band deserved. You’re a gem!
    Thanks again and much love to ya,
    Cherie Currie

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