Lifting The Lid On The Rockbrat Treasure Chest: Ace Frehley 1987 Album Flier

There is a story behind this folks. In the mid-80’s, a Kiss fan from Modesto, CA started up an Ace Frehley Fan Club – I think it was called ‘Comet Watch’ from memory.  Anyway the Rockbrat was a signed-up member of this fan club. You gotta remember that there was no internet – so info was spread around via stamps and envelopes my friends. For the release of Ace’s 1987 album – which really was a come-back album, members were invited to photocopy this flier and get to work distributing them. The Rockbrat – working in a shipping warehouse at the time – remembers sneaking to the photocopy machine in the office (located outside the boss’s office mind you) early one morning and running off as many copies as I could ! My brother and I then covered the city of Sydney in these things ! Record stores, bus shelters, walls, windows….the legendary Ace Frehley from Kiss was back goddamnit it and we wanted everyone to know about it ! Do rock fans still do things like this – it was quite a normal thing for the Rockbrat as Rock n Roll was all that mattered. I was a bona-fide Rock Soldier if ever there was one. When Ace Frehley played Sydney earlier this year, I gazed at the throng of fans gathered outside the venue and thought back to the mid-80s. “Where were all these devout followers back then ?” No matter.  Did you pick up one of these fliers by way of the Rockbrat ?

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