Rockbrat Wonders: About Oasis and the Japan Music Press

Just back from Japan with a bunch of Oasis collectables packed in the suit case. I thought I would make an update on the previous Oasis-Japan post as it never ceases to amaze me just how much the boys are adored over there. Whilst driving, I heard ‘Lyla’, ‘Let There Be Love’ and ‘Falling Down’ on different stations. I’d be hard pressed to hear bloody Wonderwall on my local Golden Oldies station, yet in Japan they spin ‘Lyla’ ! Too cool ! I also added to my Oasis Japanese Magazine collection and thought I would share. The magazines which feature Oasis gracing the cover are a collectable item all to themself and deserve further investigation. You know what’s cool about this topic ? Oasis may not even be touring or have a new album out, yet they still manage to make the magazine covers ! In my opinion, that speaks volumes for the band’s popularity in Japan. Check out the attached images from magazines dating back to 1994 – all of which feature Noely G, Liam, or the band. Rockin On, Cross Beat, In Rock and Music Life have all featured Oasis heavily. Of particular interset is Cross Beat from 2005 which in itself is a magazine (nearly 200 pages) which is ALL Oasis ! Rockin On from November 2008 even has a large color photo spread of the infamous (and cowardly) Canadian stage attack on Noel. Japan (like the UK) print awesome magazines on Oasis…the ones mentioned here are some to look out for when you visit Japan you when you’re next on eBay ! (note: re-print from 2009)

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