Rockbrat Wonders: Who Is The Most Ridiculous Looking Band In Heavy Metal? (Killer Fox)

Get a load of this lot ! Release the clowns !! Is the circus in town ? oh I geddit – a Kiss tribute band ? Hmmnn, maybe one of those nasty church-burning metal outfits from Norway ? Wrong wrong wrong ! It’s Killer Fox from Germany – in town to kick your ass ! This is circa 1990 so Spinal Tap had been out a good 6 years right ? It’s not so much the black spandex and handcuffs, it’s the hair extension wigs and make-up. At left giving the horned-hand and looking all tough-like is lead guitarist Mick Stryker. Better be careful with that $immons-type make-up or Gene’s lawyer’s will be banging on your door like they did to King Diamond (cough). To his right is John Deacon – nope, not the legendary Queen bassist, but the Killer Fox drummer – opting for a bardot-type wig. Vivian Fox and KK Fox (are they brothers?) are adjacent with more leather and studs and number 9 posing. How do the mighty Killer Fox sound ? With track titles like Promised Land and Kiss Of Death, no HM cliché is spared and they sound every bit as bad as you’d imagine. This photo is lifted from an album (did my brother actually pay for this ?) titled ‘Going Under’ – me thinks the owner of the record label must’ve been thinking that very thought after he released this !! Next !

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