Classic Image From The Rockbrat Photo Collection: Ricky Byrd – New York City (1996)

Ricky Byrd in the Rockbrat lens

Who: Ricky Byrd
Where: Dark Star Lounge, New York City – 24 September 1996

When I walked in (sporting a Jett/Divinyls shirt) to see former Joan Jett axe-man Ricky Byrd at the Dark Star Lounge on West 72nd, manager/wife Carol Kaye politely says to me ‘don’t expect the Blackhearts!’. The Rockbrat was not expecting the Blackhearts – but rather – a great evening of acoustic songs by one of rock n roll’s greatest: Mr Ricky Byrd….and he delivered ! Truly great. It was a small venue so snapping a role of film seemed inappropriate – but I quite like this pic. In my opinion, Byrd will always be the best guiatrist Jett has had – followed only by Tony Bruno. I walked away that night with his demo ‘No Band No Headaches’ which has long been a Rockbrat favorite. Down the track I will do a review of said demo tape. He is the real deal my friends and this image brings back memories of a great night.

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