Best Gigs The Rockbrat’s Seen ? Iron Maiden – Sendai Japan (2000)

2000 Japan Tour Flier

Who: Iron Maiden
When: Sendai, Japan – October 19, 2000

This is a gig the Rockbrat will remember forever. Dickinson and Smithy were back in the line-up and I for one could not wait to see them live again. The last time I’d previously seen Maiden was in 1992 at Sydney’s Hordern on the ‘Fear Of The Dark’ Tour. I had purchased the ‘Brave New World’ CD and it blew the Rockbrat’s mind. I was not quick enough to nab tickets for their Tokyo shows, but the Rockbrat instead hitched a ride on the bullet train up to Sendai in Miyagi Prefecture to see Maiden up there. When I exited the train station I asked the rail staff for directions to the  ‘Sun Plaza’ venue and immediately made my way there. It was great to see local denim-clad headbangers complete with sew-on patches ! Love it ! I cannot recall there being an opening act, but I do know that the set-list was like an Iron Maiden jukebox on full tilt. After the intro tape, Smithy came out cranking the opening ‘Wickerman’ riff and the rock mayhem didn’t let up all night. ‘Brave New World’ is one of the best tunes Maiden have penned and it is absolutley killer in the live arena. ‘Wrathchild’, ‘2 Minutes to Midnight’, ‘The Trooper’ – what a show ! Hearing Bruce run through the Blaze Bayley-recorded ‘The Clansman’ was an evening highlight – that track (played very loud) is another scorching Rockbrat-favourite. ‘The Evil That Men Do’, ‘Fear of the Dark’, ‘Iron Maiden’, ‘The Number of the Beast’ – this was indeed ‘Headbangers Heaven’. The set ended with ‘Hallowed be thy Name’ and ‘Sanctuary’. Could you ask for anything more ?  One of THE BEST shows the Rockbrat has witnessed from one of the greatest rock bands of all time. A night which I will always cherish…..the boys really were back in town !

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