Rockbrat Remembers: Metal For Melbourne Record Store

If Utopia Records in Challis Arcade, Martin Place was Sydney’s heavy metal mecca, then surely Melbourne’s Metal For Melbourne rivalled it ! (Impact Records in Canberra was not solely focused on metal but music in general and was maybe THE BEST Australian record store of all time – but I’ll discuss this later). This clipping I unearthed I reckon is circa 1986, cos of the Ozzy reference. I know that I used to spend some good dollars in there but – unless you ordered your music via mail order – where else could you find it apart from cool shops like this ?! I probably last walked in there around 1991, and that was it. They’ve long since gone the way of the Dodo, but the memories – the excitement of walking into a cool record store and wondering what you might find ! Another Rockbrat memory….

3 thoughts on “Rockbrat Remembers: Metal For Melbourne Record Store

  1. Spent many hours and many thousands of dollars here, starting sometime around 1983/84 when it was still called “Central STation Records & Tapes”. At the time it was a little shoebox sized shop under the notorious old Gas & Fuel building, long since demolished to make way for Fed Square. Bootlegs by the truckload, my first exposure to Metallica was there as Greta was blasting a live bootleg over the store’s sound system. At one stage Greta even had a YouTube channel with a bunch of classic vids from back in the day. I loved the “HM Chart” they used to put out monthly too.

  2. Fond memories of this shop. The day I discovered it (1984), my life was changed for the better. Remember walking in there and being “lifted off the floor with the power of the music”. Great days, and the metal is still with me 31 years later.

  3. Yep, I too remember the good old days spending my time in what was originally known as Central Station Records, just hanging out and listening to metal.
    I always remember Greta but not her partner’s name?
    I suppose she stood out more being a rare older metal chick at the time, a pioneer for women. lol
    Didn’t spend as much time when they moved down the road and became Metal For Melbourne but yeah, nothing but great memories and back in the day when only us cool metalheads even knew who Metallica was.

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