Rockbrat Remembers: Sydney Hard Rock Outfit Rags ‘n’ Riches

The Rockbrat has some fond memories of seeing a band around Sydney in 1989 called Rags ‘n’ Riches. I saw this band on several occasions and different Sydney venues, but particularly remember  band supporting Gold Zeppelin. Kiss covers band Dynissty, as well as the Candy Harlots. They were a good band too, who played an entertaining, original set of hard rock which was heavy on the melody. The band was formed by ex Boss bass player Scott Ginn, a guy who had a great voice, look and stage presence. He released a debut solo album in ‘86 called ‘One Man Army’ which was indeed top shelf. He always had a great knack for melody and chorus. The other standout of Rags ‘n’ Riches was guitar player Phil Bowley. Bowley’s playing was just that little bit special, he had that certain ‘something’ that set him apart from his peers. It came as no surprise to the Rockbrat that he was selected by the Candy Harlots to take the place of Marc Lee De Hugar. Anyway, back in 198! 9, on the 15th of May to be precise, the Rockbrat recorded an interview that Rags ‘n’ Riches recorded with Steve Murray on his ‘Metal Show’ on 2RRR (Ryde Regional Radio). This is a great interview, and includes a couple of demos too. The Rockbrat and brother of Rockbrat were such big fans of Steve Murray’s ‘Metal Show’ that in 1987, we used to drive to a geographically ‘higher’ part of Sydney that gave us better radio reception coverage so we could actually hear his show! That’s heavy metal dedication my friends. In a world that was pre internet and instant information, we relied on Steve Murray’s playlist to hip us to the latest metal sounds from around the world. Does anyone know where 2010 sees Scott Ginn ? Another gem dusted off from the Rockbrat Audio Archive. Rag n Roll my friends….Listen here.

3 thoughts on “Rockbrat Remembers: Sydney Hard Rock Outfit Rags ‘n’ Riches

  1. Rags n Riches, great days. You guys rocked, Money, was a great song. Like all the great Aussie bands like Candy Harlots, and the mighty Bengal Tigers, no airplay or support at the time, I guess they didn’t song enough like Cold Chisel or The Angels. I hope all those guys from those great bands are doing ok, really good times.

  2. I cant believe I found a post about Rags n Riches! I was too young for clubs when those guys were gigging, but have heard many stories since I’m married to one of the band members. lol. Would love to see any photos people may have… or info on what the other members are doing now. 🙂 thanks

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