Rockbrat Wonders: What if Craig Csongrady had’ve replaced Kevin Dubrow in Quiet Riot ?

In 1986, the Sydney metal scene was abuzz with news that Boss front man Craig Csongrady would be replacing Kevin Dubrow in Quiet Riot, kings of the LA metal scene in the first half of the 1980s. Kev Dubrow (may he rest in peace) was sacked by his QR band mates because he had a habit of bad mouthing his peers in the metal scene. The wigged up Kev took a swipe at everyone, and whilst he may have had some justification in verbally knocking down the like of Poison and other LA second wavers, this kind of activity distanced him from his band mates and record label, and so it was that by 1986 Kev found himself kicked out of the band he formed, and QR minus a front man. Whether it was a great PR exercise on Csongrady’s part of not, the Rockbrat is of the opinion that Csongrady would have made a great choice as front man for QR. His vocal work on Boss’ debut album ‘Step On It’ is amazing. His voice is distinctive, he has a great range, and a great metal voice. (Go listen! to ‘Dancin Queen’ and prove me wrong). The ‘Step On It’ album is one of THE BEST hard rock or metal albums to come out of Australia in the 1980s, certainly the best metal album from an Australian band in the first part of the 80s. It had a very international sound, catchy songs, and sold well overseas. Csongrady always had his eyes firmly set on the overseas market. Boss clearly had the songs to make it, but for whatever reason, they never did. So by 1986, he jumped at the chance to join Quiet Riot. There was paper talk of him flying out to LA to audition, but nothing ever came of it. Paul Shortino of LA second stringers Rough Cutt ultimately got the gig (“he’s got this much talent, this much talent”) but by 1987 (and after the flop of QRIII album), the interest in Quiet Riot had waned significantly. Still, the Rockbrat feels that with Csongrady at the helm, things may have taken a turn for the better.

3 thoughts on “Rockbrat Wonders: What if Craig Csongrady had’ve replaced Kevin Dubrow in Quiet Riot ?

  1. Saw Boss open for Iron Maiden back on the “World Slavery Tour”. Was really keen to see them, as their “Dancing Queen” video had really grabbed my attention. Sadly, they pretty much sucked when I saw them, probably not helped at all by the abysmal sound (more accurately “wall of noise”) they were given. Seems to be a staple of opening bands in this country, the headliner almost always gives them such bad sound that it sabotages their chances of pulling off a good set. Would have liked the chance to see them at a smaller venue with good sound, because visually they had all the goods, and their “Step On It” album was great.

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