Lifting The Lid On The Rockbrat Treasure Chest: Pete Wells set-list (1995)

What: Pete Wells Set-List
Britannia Hotel, Sydney – 23 April 1995

What we have on display here folks is a real piece to treasure. It’s a genuine set-list from a Pete Wells gig circa 1995. For future reference, the Rockbrat always used to note the relevant details on the reverse – and this here set-list, was actually Pete’s and came from a Brittania Hotel gig – Chippendale – Sydney April 23, 1995 – a Sunday evening if my memory serves me correctly. As Pete did many times, there are three sets – with five songs each. Looks like that is the great man’s handwriting as well. Man what a great set they ran through that night….what I’d give to hear Cris Point Casino or No Hard Feelings just one more time.  The original rock n roll outlaw ended the evening with the Tatts classic of the same name – played in unison of course with Mick Cocks who was in Pete’s band at that stage. Hopefully this will bring back some good memories for fans of the much-missed Peter Wells.

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