Rockbrat Remembers: Seeing The ‘Trick Or Treat’ Film

Back in 1986, this movie Trick Or Treat was a must-see for any fan of the metal genre. Over the years I’ve had time to analyse this effort, and it’s a bona-fide Rockbrat classic. Sammi Curr. When I hear that name it conjures up images of a classic 80’s rock star. The storyline of this film involves topical HM related news of that day including most obviously backward messages. Weinbower speaks to his dead rock n roll hero Curr via playing his rare acetate backwards – and in turn brings him back to life for a hell-raising encore at the School Dance ! Love it. Paul Stanley from Kiss was apparently touted for the lead role – and I reckon he would’ve done a good job. Eddie Clarke and the great Fastway did the music for this film and there ae some classic songs on the soundtrack. ‘Get Tough’, ‘Tearin’ Down The Walls’, ‘Stand Up’ – stinging rock n roll songs all delivered in that unique Plant-like vocal style of Dave King. I really enjoyed this film when I saw it in the cinema – but the soundtrack itself is a must-own. The orange flier I would’ve picked up from a store back in the day. Remember – be loyal to your hero, or they could turn on you !

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