Lifting The Lid On The Rockbrat Treasure Chest: Signed Blackie Lawless Photo

What: Signed Blackie Lawless Photo

The Rockbrat has previously blogged about being heavily influenced by WASP in 84/85, which culminated in a promo visit to Australia by vocalist Blackie Lawless (that is a cool rock n roll name my friends) in November of 1985. You can read my musings here. But lo and behold I just unearthed a picture which the great man signed for me that day all those years back. It was like Weinbower meeting his Sammi Curr – if you know what I mean. Lawless was an outlaw, a nasty rock n roll idol who you’re parents despised, yet we worshipped. A true legend and I will stack those first two WASP LP’s up against anything released back then !

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