Rockbrat Introduces You To: Detox Darlings

Grown weary with the faceless state of the music industry ? Sick of hip college bands whining on about the world’s problems ? You’re on the look-out for some loud, trashy, rock n roll that’ll get you dancin’, performed by an outfit who love to party and have fun, right ?! Well have I got a band for you !! The Detox Darlings hail from NYC and claim to be the nastiest, trashiest, flashiest pack going around. I’ve only ever read good things about this lot, and after having listened and experienced their distinctive, juicy three chord offerings; it’s easy to see why ! Combining basic songs with a large splash of flash – these glam cats have hit upon a successful formula that works. But when I say glam, think Hanoi or Dolls inspired antics – not any of those pouting Sunset Strip fag-metal bands who play to empty venues. Led by the stunning Jet-Set Jenna, the Detox Darlings exploded onto the club scene in May 1996 and have not looked back. Firm favourites amongst the CBGB’s regulars, the band recently released a four-track demo which earnt high praise from local rock fans and critics alike. My choice cuts on the tape are ‘Ticket To Tokyo’ and ‘Roses Over Manhattan’, both firmly proving my long held belief that the coolest rock n roll songs are kept short and simple. ‘Ticket To Tokyo’ has a fatal riff and a chorus like a rash. You bet I’m ready to go-go-go. The raunchy ‘Roses Over Manhattan’ sees Jet-Set Jenna and guitarist Spyder sharing the mic and their vocals really compliment eachother. The lyrics to this tune are murkier than the Hudson, and touches upon the seedier side of the Big Apple. ‘Zombie Doll’ has a sleazy Ziggy-kinda atmosphere to it, whilst long time live favourite ‘Pretty Little Junkie’ the fast and sweaty anthem for sleazy little girls everywhere has just been released on a second compilation. Earlier this year it came out on the Pink & Black double disk and can now be heard on ‘The Trendy Compilation’ via Trend Is Dead Records. Jet-Set Jenna has a distinctive voice and is just plain hot. ‘The pout of Pamela Lee and the poetry of Patti Smith’ says the bio. Ditto, but for mine this one woman wrecking crew provokes images of a female David Johansson – same charisma, same self-assured stage presence. A show supporting Ratt in early August gives punters a look at new members Roxy Darling (bass) and ex-Black Angel guitar god Nicky Darling. Sure this lot are visually exciting, but this ain’t a just a rock n roll fashion show. They’ve got lots of energy and enthusiasm and a high powered engine under the hood which can take ’em as far as they wanna go. Yes sir, cats this rod’s fuelled and ready to roar – and Australia is only 10’000 miles away !

Note: Article originally appeared in Vicious Kitten Fanzine – 1998

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