Rockbrat Introduces You To: Freddy Lynxx

Can’t get no satisfaction with the rock n roll radio ? Does it leave you feeling frustrated, as you frantically flick the dial in a vain search for something cool ? You’re thinking “Man, there has to be something out there better than this !” as you begin to slide into a state of rock n roll withdrawal. Well there is an  antidote. A remedy which I know you will dig – Freddy Lynxx flavoured rock n roll in large, loud doses!! Freddy graduated from the same rock n roll school as his hero Johnny Thunders, and consequently possesses the same authentic qualities. Rock n roll without the trimmings, just bump and grind trashy tuneage, smooth vocals, superb melodies and a truck load of Keef swagger. Parisian Freddy has been treading the boards since the early 80’s, and spent the latter part of that decade with The Watchmen, who cut one very riffy metal single in 1989’s ‘Play With Evil / I Got A Line On You’. Yet it was with the Jet Boys that Freddy really came to prominence, and who for the next five years cut some damn fine, yet largely overlooked music. The Jet Boys played guitar driven, Stones inspired rock n roll. Throw in some Dolls and a touch of Hanoi Rocks and you should get the picture of just how good the Jet Boys were. The Jet Boys toured throughout Europe to rave reviews, and also had a run of successful shows in late 1994 through the East Coast of America. The band released two singles in ‘Just Wanna Talk To You’  and ‘Call Me Sister Midnight’. Both being raw, Dolls-like tunes full of rolling melodic hooks and highlighted by Lynxx’s impassioned vocals. The Jet Boys released their one and only long player  ‘Larger Than Life’ in 1991, and this is quite simply one of most underrated records around. This album should have been a worldwide smash and established the Jet Boys as a household name, instead of Guns n Roses. It gained distribution not only in France, but also Spain, America and Japan. ‘Larger Than Life’ was the album the New York Dolls never made, which is recommendation enough for you to try and hunt down a copy ! The most imminent factor about the album though, was the sheer strength and quality of Lynxx’s song writing. His writing has developed to the point now where everything he releases is gold. This became evident with the classic trashin’ punk single from 1995 ‘Zip Your Lip’ (see review in VK4), and the ‘Sooner Or Later’ split single from the same year. 1996 saw the release of Lynxx’s debut solo album, an acoustic effort titled ‘No Pleasure Thrills’ and in one word it is quite simply – superb. Lynxx again demonstrates his melodic sensibilities and combined with some blissful acoustic guitar and his sweet ethereal voce, make this album an absolute modern day masterpiece ! Highlights are many. Lynxx and Johnny Thunders unite to deliver an impassioned  take of ‘As Tears Go By’, whilst  ‘No Thrills, No Pleasure’ is a sheer acoustic delight. The dear departed Nicky Hopkins lends piano support on Dylan’s ‘Lay Lady Lay’ with vocals supplied by Johan Asheton. Jacobites main man Nikki Sudden shares vocals with Lynxx on a brilliant run through the Tammy Wynette tear jerker ‘Apartment # 9’, yet my favourite track has to be ‘I Love You’. This old Heartbreakers number is given the acoustic treatment, with Freddy’s sweet and clean vocals sending chills down my spine. Freddy Lynxx toured Europe as a member of Jeff Dahl’s band during Dahl’s 96 tour, and also did a run of shows through Europe on an acoustic tour, sharing the spotlight with Nikki  Sudden and Jeff Dahl which by all reports went down a smash. Lynxx has been busy lately and has a new solo album out soon, with the guitars definitely plugged in and amped up. He has also recorded an album’s worth of new acoustic tunes with Nikki Sudden which hopefully should see the light of day soon as well. One of these numbers – ‘Have Faith’ (an unreleased Thunders composition) is so good, that when Freddy played it for me, it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. It knocked me out so much I made him play it for me over and over again !! There is a lot to like about Freddy Lynnx and I urge you to check him out, because if music has the capacity to make you feel good, then Freddy Lynxx will no doubt leave you in a state of contented bliss – intoxicated on rock n roll !!!!

Note: Article originally appeared in Vicious Kitten Fanzine – 1998

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