Rockbrat Wonders: Why Noel and Liam Gallagher Cannot Resolve Their Differences ?

Oasis in Sapporo, Japan - 22 March 2009

Oasis are a giant beast – bigger than maybe the Gallagher brothers themselves, or so I thought. I was sure that they would carry on in some form much like the Stones. But when big brother Noel walked out on the band for what seems like the final time one year ago – he effectively put the sword to the Oasis dragon right there and then. Yes I know his big shoes were filled by Matt Deighton when he split in 2000, but that was only for a few shows – and he came back for the two  big Wembley summer gigs after all. But Oasis without Noel is like the Stones without Richards, the Beatles without Lennon…you know where I am going. So as of August 2010, we have Liam and the rest of his Oasis band mates (Gem Archer, Andy Bell, Chris Sharrock and Jay Darlington) bunkered down and about to release new product as Beady Eye, and Noel no doubt working on solo material and doing the odd charity gig. When I watched the recently released  Oasis DVD ‘Time Flies 1994-2009’ I was left feeling both charged and sombre at the same time. Fifteen years of truly remarkable songs – where they had effectively written a new chapter in rock n roll’s history. It is a tragedy that they no longer exist. I was not there during the final, heated exchange between Noel and Liam Gallagher – and it is not my place to speculate on their relationship. But let me say this. Oasis are in fact bigger than Beady Eye and bigger than anything Noel will ever produce – they are also bigger and more important than any argument or disagreement Noel might have with Liam or vice versa. Oasis mean a hellava lot to millions of people, people like me – they have become a part of my life, just like eating breakfast or dinner – a daily digestion of Manchester’s finest made for a healthy, happy existence. My god is Noel Gallagher and I pray and plea to God, that Oasis will one day re-unite, record new material and continue to be what they are in the eyes and ears of millions:  the greatest rock n roll band in the world.

3 thoughts on “Rockbrat Wonders: Why Noel and Liam Gallagher Cannot Resolve Their Differences ?

  1. I don’t expect this Beady Eye to be anything special – the fact remains that it is just Oasis without Noel. That in itself is a terrifying prospect for some.

    Being big never really crossed Noel’s mind when splitting Oasis up. Their heyday was in the 90s and they will never see that hype again and I doubt we will ever see that sort of hype with a band again.

    If Gallagher thinks going solo will produce more inspired results than his efforts with Oasis, then I fully back his decision to do it. This is coming from the guy whose tunes were still miles better than any other member of the band and importantly, the ones he sang on the last couple of Oasis albums were the album highlights. I for one cannot wait for his solo album and I think it will showcase some fantastic tunes.

    1. Agreed – the Noel solo work will be astounding. If you saw he and Gem on their solo jaunt a couple of years back, you’d guess that some solo output was always in the works. But the mere fact remains, that although the band’s mid-90’s surge had gone – people were always hungry to see the band live, proven by the fact that the UK Summer tours would sell out in minutes…

  2. Don’t get me wrong, I love Oasis and all, but they only had two amazing albums: their first two. Everything since then has seemed forced, like the studio’s made them do the projects.

    I’m not knocking you or anyone else for digging them. They’re a perfectly fine band. But their fame lasted a few years in the 90’s and since then they’re tried to ride the wave with little results. (At least State side, in my experience). For your sake, I hope they do get back together so you can further enjoy the music that makes you feel so happy!

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