Rockbrat Remembers: The 1991 Motorhead AustralianTour

Winter of 1991 saw the mighty Motorhead touring Australia – their first visit since 1984 by the Rockbrat’s reckoning. If you view their 1984 Australasian Tour Dates you will find it amazing that they played relatively small venues like the Manly Hotel and Caringbah Inn in Sydney, and the Yoogali Club in Griffith ! (was that a soccer club?). Just as I am trying to get my head around these bookings, I am reminded that on the 1991 Australian visit, they played the Queanbeyan Leagues Club in Queanbeyan ! This was obviously the Canberra date, but that place was a nightclub ! I’d much rather take in the full force of Motorhead in a night club than at the Hordern ! If the Rockbrat brain is correct again – they were supported by Canberra Metal legends Armoured Angel on that date. Ahhh the good old days !  Here is a Sydney press clipping from the that 1991 visit in case you missed out.

4 thoughts on “Rockbrat Remembers: The 1991 Motorhead AustralianTour

  1. G’day all. I live in Queanbeyan, NSW, Straya & have been a Motörhead fan since about 11. I remember when MH came to town in 91 as I could not go to the show as I was about 4 months underage. (Must be 18 to get into pubs/clubs/bars in Oz) My bro, 4 mates & 2 dudes i worked with went along. Raiders niteclub was the place, (a tight, dark, dirty club within QBN Leages that only held about 400) which, about 40 metres back from the stage, had a 8 metre (24 ft) or so tall wall of 1 inch or so thick panes of glass which made up the rear wall of the amphitheatre. We had all seen oz bands such as The Angels, Baby Animals, Screaming Jets, Choirboys, The poor and special guests at the ‘Barbed wire Ball’ US band Rhino Bucket play Raiders, but apparently no one made the glass at the back of the room actually flex the way Motörhead did that nite!!! The next morning my mate Burradong, who was lucky enuf to see them the nite before, stopped into Cafe 51 on Yass Road QBN to get some smoko (morning tea) at about 9.30am to find Lemmy, Philthy and 20 or so of the crew getting stuck into a good feed of bacon, eggs, hash browns and all sorts of other greasy shit. My mate Hippy has still got the 91 Oz tour T shirt with dates like Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Cost, Perth,Adelaide and then there’s Queanbeyan?!! So who the fuck has heard of QBN?!! Ha ha!! A small arse town of about 21,000 (in 91) that Motörhead dropped into one nite and rocked the fuck out of on the 1916 album promo tour!!! Finally got to see MH last year in sydney on the ‘world is yours tour’ aged 38.(Lemmy was like about 68!!) Even more powerful live than I could have imagined!!! Would have loved to see them in about 86, in their prime, full of who knows what, with Lemmy, Philthy, Wurzel and Wizzo Campbell balls out goin for it!!!!!! Born to late I guess. A cornerstone of metal culture, underrated, influentuel, lots of line up changes over 40 or so years,but always led by Lemmy and always Motörhead!!!! Legendary band.

    1. Rockbrat – a true band of the people – Motorhead turned up in Perth 1984 August and played a couple of gigs – one at the White Sands Tavern (yep – a tavern) $19 bucks I think it was. Those of us that follow the band couldn’t believe our luck. I still couldn’t believe it was happening, even after seeing a convoy of semi trailers in the carpark. The windows bounced and bowed through the gig, threatening to smash into powder a few times. Motorhead played a full gig, and I was still in shock at the end. Motorhead packed their semi trailers, and dissapeared (I would expect with a crew of admirers), and went on their way. I’m eternally greatful they even considered us worthy. Marti De Berghi would say the White Sands is still there, but don’t look for the tavern, it’s most probably a brasserie now.

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