What’s The Rockbrat Listening To Today ? Anne McCue – Broken Promise Land

(Flying Machine Records)

‘Broken Promise Land’ is the most recent release from Australian guitarist Anne McCue. It’s been lodged in my car stereo for some time now and I thought a review by the Rockbrat was long overdue. Firstly, the CD packaging is great – a digipak release with some stunning photo’s of Anne by Lisa Galipeau. The first track ‘Don’t Go To Texas (Without Me)’ is by far my favourite on the album – a mix of dirty loud guitar and a catchy-as-all-hell chorus. This is another soon-to-be McCue classic and is up there as one of the best songs released in 2010 – anywhere. The accompanying video is also one of McCue’s best and is worth your viewing time. The Rockbrat-ears also loved ‘Lonesome Child’ – which displays Anne’s vocal range quite nicely (I could imagine Skynyrd covering this thumping tune live and taking it to another level), the starkness of ‘The Lonely One’ and a bruising take of Rose Tattoo’s ‘Rock n Roll Outlaw’. This blooze-based classic has been in Anne’s live set for some time and has some ace slide work. It’s a damn shame Rose Tattoo’s Pete Wells and Mick Cocks are no longer here to enjoy this, as I’m sure they both would. Anne McCue has written and recorded some truly stunning songs over the years, tracks like: ‘Arcane’, ‘Desert In The Rain’, ‘Laughing’, ‘I Want You Back’, ‘Stupid’, ‘Tiny Little Song’, ‘Roll’, ‘Ballad Of An Outlaw Woman’, ‘Driving Down Alvarado’, ‘From Bakersfield To Saigon’, ‘Hellfire Raiser’, ‘Lay Me Down’, ‘Too Late For Love’, ‘Money In The Morning’, ‘Do It The Right Way’….and you must of course include the current track ‘Texas’ in here as well. These are just some of my personal favourites, but when you stack them up in a list you see what a remarkable body of work Annie has amassed. There is a ‘Greatest Hits’ album there just staring back you – if she ever feels the desire that is. When I first saw Anne McCue in the late 80’s she had true star potential. Some years on, her star not only continues to shine, but  she constantly produces the goods – releasing vital albums which are filled with amazing rock songs. For those in the know, I am preaching to the converted – but for unitiated – it’s time you climbed on board and became an Anne fan. Anne McCue is currently on the road in support of this album, with an Australian visit locked in for November. The Rockbrat suggests you go buy and then go see.

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