Rockbrat’s Audio Archive: Axl Rose kicks Kings Of The Sun off the stage in Sydney (1988)

On the 17th of December, 1988, Rockbrat saw Guns ‘n’ Roses play at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. We got to experience the antics of Billy Bailey (aka Axl Rose) in all his glory. On this particular night, the ‘bad boys’ of the L.A rock scene had two quality Australian bands supporting them, Kings of the Sun, and The Angels. Guns ‘n’ Roses were supposedly influenced by the Angels. In the Rockbrats opinion, G ‘n’ R came close to being blown off the stage by the Angels on this night, though that’s another story. On the Street magazine was a free music paper that came out weekly. In an interview with Kings Of The Sun in the edition which came out a couple of days before the show, Kings drummer Clifford Hoad made the statement that ‘Guns n Roses were nothing more than a Rose Tattoo rip off band’. Most punters in the know endorsed Clifford Hoad’s comments. Rose Tattoo were pioneers and bands like G ‘n’ R came along on their coat tails and reaped the benefits. Anyway, it seems that Axl had read the article in On The Street and took offence at the remark – to the extent that he pulled the plug on Kings Of The Sun and pulled them off the stage after only 20 minutes into their set! What a disgrace. Who the hell does he think he is ? An AMERCIAN pulling an AUSTRALIAN band off an AUSTRALIAN stage ! Where the hell was the music union ? To make matters worse, during G’ n’ R’s set, he publically apologized for giving Kings Of The Sun the opportunity! What a douchebag. Like they needed it. They had just finished a big European tour supporting KISS and also Lita Ford in America. The ultimate prima donna. To make matters worse, during the G ‘n’ R set, someone threw an orange up on stage, and true to form, he led his troops off stage! What a pussy. I’m not sure how his bandmates put up with his behaviour. As the years went on, his antics got worse. He was notorious for bringing the band on late (“sorry folks, I’m not going on stage until someone cools my champagne”). Billy ended up as pseudo rock royalty, wearing little white bicycle tights on stage and a kilt (?), monogrammed high top sneakers, and smoked his cigarette using a cigarette holder. Stylish indeed William. I never saw Pete Wells or Ian Rilen behave this way, and you know why ? They WERE the real deal, not some wannabe bad boy who shrieked like a cat with an over inflated opinion of his own ability. Sure, I dug the ‘Appetite’ album, but by the second album this Ranga just annoyed the hell out of me. November Rain and all it’s excessive indulgence. Talk about contrived. I can see why Izzy Stradlin jumped ship. Brother of Rockbrat had his trusty Realistic hand held recorder with him to record the occasion, and now, we have dusted it off so you too can listen to Billy slagging off Kings of The Sun. Way to go William. Douchebag. Listen here

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