Rockbrat’s Audio Archive: Metallica Damaged Justice Contest Winner (1989)

On the 1st of May, 1989 brother of Rockbrat received a call at work from Triple J’s Tony Biggs informing him that he had won first prize in the Metallica Damage Inc. competition, which meant backstage passes to the Sydney show. We got to meet the band backstage, and I have clear memories of opening act Mortal Sin skateboarding backstage. Nowadays, every man and his dog is a Metallica fan. It’s a brand name, part of the venacular. But back then, I was buying import Metallica albums from Utopia as early as 1985, and though I dont really care much for the band nowadays, in 1989, they were THE BAND on everybodys lips. Now you can listen to the moment back on the 1st of May, 1989 when we won backstage passes to Metallica’s first Sydney show of their first Australian tour. Metal up your ass! Check it out here.

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